Help Document AAUW Public Policy Activity

Many of our members are actively engaged in public policy influencing activities! Examples of these activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Planning and/or attending AAUW’s live or virtual public policy meetings, events or forums.
  • Signing petitions.
  • Sending texts, emails or letters to local, state or national legislators or other elected officials.
  • Telephoning legislators or other elected officials.
  • Talking with legislators or other elected officials (or their staff members) in person.
  • Attending meetings – of a township council, a zoning commission, a school board etc.
  • Serving on a committee, advisory board or task force that influences public policy.
  • Attending a rally or demonstration about a social, health, political, or economic issue
  • Participating in activities or events to register voters and get out the vote.
  • Supporting and working on a political campaign.
  • Training for and working at a community polling place.
  • Driving citizens to polling places.
  • Casting your own ballot in an election.
  • Other activities that shape public policy in our community, state, nation or world.

Your work makes a difference!  Therefore, AAUW, North Hills Branch, AAUW PA and AAUW National believe it is important to document it. To help us do so.

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