Upcoming June AAUW PA Events

June 2-4 – AAUW PA Convention  Saturday’s Keynote luncheon speaker is Julie Vogtman, Director of Job Quality & Senior Counsel for the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC). She has written extensively about women and the economy and the factors contributing to racial and gender pay disparities, including as a co-author of NWLC’s March 2022 report, Resilient But Not Recovered: After Two Years of the COVID-19 Crisis, Women Are Still Struggling. See schedule here.

June 15 – The last in the series of AAUW Public Policy webinars Exploring Tough Policy Issues through an AAUW Lens will address Title IX and the transgender issue. The speakers are Amal Bass from the Women’s Law Project who will talk about Gender Identity under Title IX and Tessa Juste, from GLSEN who will talk about Why Transgender Rights are Women’s Rights. 

June 23 – The 50th Anniversary of Title IX of The Education Amendments of 1972. Watch for more information from AAUW

Did You Know – A History Moment

In 1932 AAUW president was appointed U.S. delegate to the General Disarmament Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Questions? Contact Barbara Price, aauwpapp1@gmail.com or Jacqui Rogers, aauwpapp2@gmail.com.

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