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Home & Garden Group-Nov and Dec. event updates (due to COVID, the venues for these two months have changed) Always check our site first.
Please RSVP to Georgiana Likar if you will attend with us. Lunch optional. thelikars@gmail.com or 724-494-4127

Schedule 2021-2022

Sept. 18, 2021 – Bayernhof Museum, O’Hara TWP.

Oct. 2, 2021 – Depreciation Lands Museum/The Hydref-Fall Festival

Updated: Nov. 20th. Sat. 10:00 AM North Hills Arts Center-Holiday Artisans Show/Sale 3432 Babcock BLVD, PGH 15237

Updated: Dec. 4th Sat. 10:00 AM Ben Avon Holiday House Tour-Ben Avon, PA

Jan-Feb 2022 No activities planned

Mar. 2022 – Cancelled

Apr. 2022 – Rosalinda Sauro Sirianni Memorial Garden, Bellevue

May 2022 – May Mart, Sewickley

If you are interested in being on the email list for notifications of upcoming events, please email Georgiana Likar thelikars@gmail.com

Because of the pandemic, each event will be announced, along with any changes/details, a month in advance to those on the list.

Please refer to our website for updated information.

Thank you,

Georgie (Georgiana) Likar